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Customized treatment for chronic back and neck pain.

Spine Treatment Centers is here to help. Whether you have recently suffered an injury or have been dealing with chronic pain for years, our specialists have years of experience treating patients with similar symptoms.

Spine Treatment Centers believes in following a continuum of care, beginning with conservative treatments such as rest and over-the-counter medications, through interventional pain management procedures and finally progressing to spine surgery as a last resort.

If you have tried conservative pain treatments and have not found relief, allow a Spine Centers patient advocate to help.

When you call Spine Treatment Centers, your personal Patient Advocate will conduct a thorough case review, asking detailed questions about your symptoms and your medical history.

Your Advocate will then schedule you with the best Spine Treatment Centers specialist for your specific needs.

You will then see a specialist in their office to receive a medical evaluation and discuss your case in full detail.

Your individualized treatment plan

This elite network of specialists provides you with a personalized, multi-disciplinary approach to neck and back pain treatment. This may include one of a wide range of diagnostic or corrective procedures, combined with a prescribed physical therapy regimen and lifestyle changes to help you maintain the benefits of any procedures performed.

In the same way that you are not expected to operate on yourself, you should not be expected to select the appropriate treatment on your own from a list of options on a website.

Spine Centers brings together the foremost minimally invasive spine experts, tailoring your treatments to your specific needs and providing personal, compassionate care.

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