The SpinePath Approach

Sciatica PhysicianSpinePathTM is an approach that guides the specialist to customize minimally invasive treatments to individual pathology in the spine.  The goal of SpinePath is to effectively treat each patient using the least invasive means possible.

Spine Treatment Centers of America believes in using the least invasive means of treating spine pain for each individual patient.  This philosophy is derived from the most fundamental promise of a physician: the Hippocratic Oath, which states their duty to “first do no harm”. 

When applied to spine care, the oath takes on special meaning for today’s physician.  Advances in minimally invasive spine surgery mean more tools than ever are available to skilled specialists to help relieve back pain with reduced risks of complication or side effects.

SpinePath Procedures

The SpinePath approach was developed in recognition of a simple truth – that no single procedure will be right for everyone.  Anyone that tells you or implies otherwise should not be trusted.  Thus, the best treatment modality for your individual needs should be determined by a highly skilled, specially trained physician based on your individual pathology(ies). 

SpinePath guides the physician, working with the patient, to a customized treatment plan starting with the most conservative treatment that has the greatest chance of successfully treating your pathology. 

SpinePath Procedures include laser spine procedures and endoscopically assisted microsurgeries performed through small working ports.  This inclusive, customized approach to minimally invasive spine surgery is the best way to help with back pain caused by sciatica, herniated disc, stenosis and many other diagnoses.

SpinePath Procedures – there is no “one size fits all” in the treatment of spine pathology.  Be sure you get the best treatment for your needs.  Start your individual case review today.