Freedom Pain Hospital

Freedom Pain Hospital is a cost effective, integrative acute care hospital, and outpatient services solution for the uncoordinated care and increasing costs associated with chronic pain management. Freedom Pain Hospital is the first of its kind dedicated to evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of chronic pain syndromes.

The new healthcare delivery model for pain patients will blend the existing approach to managing disease with the missing components of prevention and wellness movement. This specialty hospital has a core that centers on patient care, diagnostics, pain education, patient research, and integrates an outcomes data approach in an effort to deliver optimal care that is both cost effective and supported by scientific data.

Education of the patient is a foundation of the delivery of care that addresses the current chronic disease needs of the patient. This is defined by a wellness lifestyle of health and sustainability that incorporates nutrition, rest, and exercise.

Freedom Pain Hospital has a core that focuses on patient care, diagnostics, pain research, and pain education, which allows patient to receive an unparalleled comprehensive evaluation and array of treatment and therapies all under one roof.

• Pain Management
• Orthopedics
• Neurosurgery
• Wellness
• Physical Therapy
• Integrative Medicine
• Surgery
• Clinical Research

Location (Map)
17500 N. Perimeter Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85255