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Artificial Disc Replacement

vertebrae with disc and nervesSpine Treatment Centers of America works with spine experts who specialize in artificial disc replacement. Many patients who are considering spinal fusion may be able to consider this relatively new procedure as a less risky alternative.

In an artificial disc replacement procedure, a specialist will replace a damaged spinal disc in a patient’s neck (cervical spine) or lower back (lumbar spine) using a manmade substitute.

When one of the cushioning discs in your spinal columns gets damaged or deteriorates, it can trigger levels of pain and discomfort that range from minor to severe. While doctors use nonsurgical treatment options to ease relatively minor disc symptoms, people with severe symptoms sometimes need surgery to reduce their pain levels and improve their daily back function. In some cases, surgery involves the removal of one or more entire spinal discs, and the resulting gap in the spinal column can lead to dangerous degrees of back instability. Until recently, doctors had to rely on spinal fusion—a procedure that fills this gap by gradually encouraging the growth of new bone material—to address any instability.

artificial disc spacerAt Spine Treatment Centers of America, your spine expert will first remove the damaged disc between the vertebrae to be treated. After the disc is removed, your expert will insert a metal plate above and below the space where the disc had been, and then will insert a spacer which will act as a new vertebral disc for you.

Like other types of cervical surgery, you will probably feel immediate relief and will need some time to fully recover from the procedure. Most patients experience less pain and fewer complications than those experienced with traditional fusion surgery, and recovery may be faster.

Gradually, your body will form new bone material over the metal places and fix them permanently in place.

Manufacturers of artificial spinal discs typically use materials that include high-quality plastic and durable metals such as cobalt chromium or titanium, much like the materials used in knee or hip replacement surgery. Some manufacturers produce all-metal discs, while others produce composite discs that make good use of both metal and plastic.

In a more recently developed surgical technique, some surgeons only remove the inner material of a damaged disc and replace it with a manmade, gel-like substitute.

spine with herniated and ruptured discsPeople who undergo this procedure also typically avoid some of the problems that can occur in those who undergo more traditional spinal fusion. These problems include altered posture and stride, loss of spinal range of motion and increased stress on the spinal column near the site of surgical repair. The ideal candidate for artificial disc replacement has no significant structural deformity in the back or neck, doesn’t carry a lot of excess body weight, only has one problematic spinal disc, has not already undergone back surgery and has no back-related nerve damage.

Common benefits of artificial disc replacement include relief of cervical or lumbar pain and an increased ability to participate in physical activity and a normal daily routine.

doctor with spine patientYou are looking for answers, and Spine Centers is here to help. Whether you have recently suffered an injury or have been dealing with chronic pain for years, our specialists have years of experience treating patients with similar symptoms.

Spine Centers brings together the foremost minimally invasive spine experts, tailoring your treatments to your specific needs and providing personal, compassionate care.

If you have tried conservative pain treatments and have not found relief, allow a Spine Centers patient advocate to help.

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