Free Spine Surgery Guide

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Back and neck pain affect more than just your body. When the pain is chronic, it can affect every move you make – and it can affect your ability to enjoy life, too. But does that mean you need spine surgery? And if you do, that leads to even more questions. What type of specialist can help you? What type of procedure might be appropriate? What are the potential benefits – and what are the risks? What will surgery recovery entail?

We developed this guide as something we would give to our friends and family, to help them understand the complex world of spine surgery – and to help them understand their treatment options, whether or not they include surgery.

This guide is appropriate for people who have been diagnosed with any chronic neck or back pain condition such as sciatica, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, spondylosis… and more. It describes each of these conditions and the potential procedures that your doctor may evaluate as a treatment. It also explains diagnostic procedures, which can help to identify the exact source of your pain.

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