Free MRI Review

Let us conduct a free review of your MRI or CT scan report. By combining this snapshot of your spine with information about your medical history, symptoms and an in-person examination, we can provide an individualized treatment plan for your specific case.

Please provide some background information first. We will then provide free and easy ways for you to submit your MRI report to us for a free review.

Facts about the MRI

Spine Treatment Centers of America offers a free review of your current MRI or CT scan report. We do not need the films. We do not offer a free MRI scan or CT scan – please contact your primary care physician to request a scan.

You should get an MRI if you are seriously considering spine surgery. The test can provide a very clear picture of the bone and soft tissue within the spine, and is considered an important step before any procedure.

Since your body changes, an MRI is considered current only if it was taken within the last 6-12 months.

An MRI test is not painful. It uses magnetic and radio waves. Since it does not use x-rays or radiation, the test can be repeated often with no known dangers or side effects.

An MRI should be interpreted by a spine expert. An MRI will help to identify potential sources of pain, but it should be combined with your medical history, symptoms and a physical evaluation for the expert to fully understand the exact source of pain. In some cases, a diagnostic procedure such as a selective nerve root block may also be needed to confirm that the area(s) to be treated is/are indeed the cause of your chronic pain.