Leading the way forward through minimally invasive spine care.

The SpinePath™ Procedure
Least Invasive Spine Surgery for Fast Relief of Neck and Back Pain

Using the exclusive SpinePath™ procedure, Spine Treatment Centers of America provides neck and back pain sufferers with today’s most innovative spine care.  The SpinePath procedure utilizes today’s most advanced minimally invasive technology to successfully treat back and neck pain. Our highly trained specialists can address the problem area with special / advanced instruments through a tiny incision. This means faster recovery, less scar tissue, and in many cases, no hospital stay.

Each patient receives a personalized treatment plan, and will be assigned a professional Patient Advocate for guidance through the process from start to finish.

Spine Treatment Centers physicians are trained in the latest surgical techniques, and all procedures are performed in a state of the art surgical facility.  Minimally invasive surgery has been shown to provide equivalent or better outcomes than open procedures, while reducing the cost, time and complications typically associated with spine surgery.

Spine Treatment Centers is headquartered in Dallas.  It has locations in Houston, San Antonio, Phoenix, Nashville, New Orleans, Hackensack and New York City and is expanding nationwide.

For more information about the advanced SpinePath™ procedure for neck and back pain, or to learn more about our award-winning partner physicians, contact Spine Treatment Centers of America at (855) 831-4153 or visit spinetreatmentcenters.com.